The best N64 emulators for phones and tablets with Android

The best N64 emulators for phones and tablets with Android in 2023


Lemuroid is an open source, all-in-one emulator that doesn’t just work with the N64. It came out on January 21, 2020, and is still being updated to this day. The app is free on the Google Play Store, and it lets you quickly save and load games, scan ROMs, use gamepads, sync cloud saves, fast forward, and play with people nearby. It works with more than just the N64, so there’s a good reason why it’s the first one we’re talking about. Free and useful, what more could you want?

M64Plus FZ Emulator

M64Plus FZ is an emulator for Android devices that can be changed in a lot of ways. It came out on July 21, 2016, and it still gets updates regularly. That means that Android 11 devices will work well with each other and have fewer bugs. If you want to try online play, you can buy the “Pro” version for €3.99. In the words of the person who made the games, there might be some problems with some of them, but most of them will work as they should. Only when you try to make a copy of the original console does it make sense.


I wouldn’t tell a new user to use RetroArch. Even so, if you can figure out how to set it up (which you can do by searching online), it has some of the best free emulators for many different systems. RetroArch has two emulators for the Nintendo 64. They are called Mupen64Plus-Next GLES2 and GLES3. There are many groups and forums on the Internet that can answer any questions you may have. It’s probably the most powerful emulator on the market, and it has a lot of features. However, as we’ve already said, it’s not for everyone, and it takes some time to learn how to use most of its features.

Super64 Plus

Super 64 Plus is an emulator for Android that can run on devices with Android 5.0 or later. The emulator can be used with Android 11 as well. Auto-save, save and load state, resize and change layout. It came out in 2019, but the developers still answer questions and comments on Google Play Store. Oh, and what’s best? It’s free, there are no ads, and the controls can be changed in any way you want. It only takes about a minute to set up and start playing with. Easy and no cost.